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Save the date: donations doubled during the Big Give Christmas Challenge

**UPDATE** The Big Give Christmas Challenge is now over and we are thrilled to have reached our target. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the appeal!

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a huge opportunity to raise funds for our vital work on the new debt crisis looming in Africa. With new revelations about hidden debts in the Republic of Congo, and more countries on the brink of a debt crisis, it’s clear this a race against time.

One donation, twice the impact

We will have just 7 days to reach our target of £23,000 and anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

The offer applies to online donations only and if you choose to include Gift Aid your support will go even further:

Give £20 and we’ll receive £45
Give £50 and we’ll receive £112.50
Give £100 and we’ll receive £225

Useful information

The Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign that helps UK registered charities raise funds for their cause. The Big Give offers supporters of participating charities the chance to have their donation doubled on when the Christmas Challenge goes live. Since its launch in 2008, the campaign has raised over £78 million for more than 2,800 charity projects.

  • The campaign launches at 12pm on #GivingTuesday (28th November). Donations will be doubled until 12pm on Tuesday 5th December (whilst match funds last).
  • You can take part by donating online.
  • The maximum matched donation is £5,000 per donor per project. We accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express.
  • Start the donation process when the campaign opens; you will see a clear message to indicate the Challenge has started. If you start the donation process before this and pre-fill the donation form, your donation will not be matched.
  • If available, matching funds will be reserved for 10 minutes whilst you donate.
  • You might be required to input your 3D secure details so make sure you have these to hand. Your 3D secure checks are controlled by your bank or card issuer so payments may not be processed if you fail to provide the correct details.
  • Do not open multiple tabs in a browser to donate as this might lead to technical errors.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as these browsers provide a smoother experience than Internet Explorer.

Jubilee Debt Campaign is a company limited by guarantee, number 3201959
Jubilee Debt Campaign's registered charity number is 1055675