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The truth about the UK’s debt: 10 key facts

Since the global financial crisis of 2007-08, debt has been one of the main issues facing the UK economy; from the private sector debts which caused the crisis, to the policies of austerity introduced in the name of reducing the UK government’s debt. But how much do we really know about UK debt?

At Jubilee Debt Campaign we work to end and prevent debt crises across the world, from Argentina to Zambia, Ghana to Greece. In all the debt crises we have worked on, whether in developing countries or richer countries, the main risk has been debts owed outside the country. UK debt is different, as we set out to explain below.

In the run-up to Budget Day we share 10 key facts which we believe are crucial for understanding the real state of the UK’s economy. To find out more, see the Notes section of our Facebook page, or read the full briefing.











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