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Household borrowing to top up falling real wages is pushing debt back to dangerous, pre-crash level say @The_TUC:
RT @ugandadebtnet: More wealth leaves Africa every year than enters it – by more than $40bn @GlobalJusticeUK @dropthedebt
World is plundering Africa's wealth for 'billions of dollars a year'
Philippines Senator calls for a comprehensive debt audit @fdc_ph
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British exports backed by public money have led to human rights abuses, climate change and conflict in countries around the world. When these export loans fail, they create illegitimate debts owed to the UK. Join our campaign to end Britain’s dodgy deals.

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  • Pergau Dam photo_Small

    Proposal for UK aid money to be used to promote western exports

    Tim Jones, 3 February 2016

    The UK’s Department for International Development is considering using aid money to subsidise lower interest rates for export credits for some low income countries. Export credits are government backed loans to foreign governments and private companies to buy exports from the lending country. Under OECD rules, Western government export credit agencies, such as UK Export […]

  • Plaza de la Revolución in Havana (airsoenxen / Flickr)

    £139 million of ‘made-up money’ to count as UK aid

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 25 January 2016

    Debt deal with Cuba includes cancelling late interest calculated with huge 11% interest rate £139 million of ‘made-up money’ will count as UK aid and contribute towards meeting the UK government’s target for spending 0.7% of national income on aid, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed. Under an agreement with Cuba […]

  • Alvis Stormer Indonesia_Small

    UK backs loans for arms sales as report shows 75% of debt illegitimate

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 19 June 2015

    In a report released today, the UK government has revealed it guaranteed £132 million of loans to the Indonesian government for arms sales in the last year, along with further loans to Saudi Arabia also for arms. The news comes as the Jubilee Debt Campaign releases a report showing that 75% of export debt owed […]

  • Argentina Destroyer_Small

    Argentina passes law to establish debt audit commission

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 1 October 2014

    Argentina has legislated to create a commission to investigate the origin of the country’s debt, dating back to the military dictatorship of 1976 to 1983. The law states that once the commission has been established, it will report within 180 days. Campaigners in Argentina have been calling for a public audit into the debt, to […]

  • Argentina Destroyer_Small

    Unfair debt deal agreed for Argentina

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 30 May 2014

    The Paris Club group of rich countries has announced it has reached an agreement for Argentina to begin repaying up to $9.7 billion, double the size of the original debt. Argentina had to stop making debt payments in late-2001 as a result of an economic crisis brought about by following IMF economic policy conditions. Argentina […]

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