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Joschka Fischer: Angela Merkel must accept that her austerity policy is now in tatters #Greece
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Greek Fin Min @yanisvaroufakis in #London on Mon. Tell @George_Osborne to support renegotiation of #Greece's debt:
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Inspired by the ancient idea of jubilee, a time when debts were cancelled, slaves were freed and land was redistributed, we are calling for a new debt jubilee in response to today’s global economic crisis: a Jubilee for Justice.

Ebola: Drop the Debt

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Ebola has already claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people in West Africa. Health workers are fighting day and night to treat and contain it, at great personal risk. Many haven’t been paid for months. Yet millions of dollars are leaving Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in debt repayments. Please call on the IMF and World Bank to drop the debt for countries fighting Ebola now.

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  • No debt crisis from the UK aid budget

    History is repeating in the global economy. With interest rates low and investors hunting for returns, lending to the most impoverished countries has doubled since the crash. The previous era of irresponsible lending trapped countries in a spiral of debt from which it was impossible to escape. It set back the fight against global poverty [...]

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  • Support Grenada’s call for debt justice

    The Caribbean island of Grenada has published a brave open letter explaining why it has stopped paying its debts. Grenada stopped making payments earlier this year. The island has been badly affected by loss of trade preferences to the EU for its banana and spice exports, hurricanes Ivan and Emily which destroyed the equivalent of [...]

    1365 actions taken
  • Tell the World Bank and IDB to pay reparations to Guatemalans

    In 1982, 400 people were massacred, with many more displaced, tortured, raped and starved, to make way for a hydroelectric dam which the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank were funding in Guatemala. Despite agreement that reparations must be paid in this case, to date survivors and families of the massacre have received nothing. With [...]

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  • Tax justice: Tell UK to return excess Mozambique profit

    The UK government has made millions in profit from funding an aluminium factory in Mozambique that only pays 1% tax. A highly profitable aluminium factory in Mozambique is paying just 1% tax, despite half of the costs being funded by foreign governments to help ‘develop’ the country. Mozambique’s economy is booming, but the number of [...]

    868 actions taken

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  • Photo:  Chaouki/Flickr

    Six key points about Greece’s debt

    Tim Jones, 26 January 2015

    Greece’s election has delivered a clear rejection of Troika-imposed austerity and the EU’s approach to the crisis. Here are six key points about Greece’s debt.   1) European banks were bailed out, not the people of Greece It is not the people of Greece who have benefitted from bailout loans from the IMF, EU and [...]

  • Greece Chains protest 2

    At least 90% of the Greek bailout has paid off reckless lenders

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 18 January 2015

    New analysis of IMF figures, released by the Jubilee Debt Campaign, show that almost all of the money lent by the IMF, European governments and the European Central Bank to Greece has been used to pay off reckless lenders, with less than 10% of it reaching the Greek people. Since 2010, the IMF, European governments [...]

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    Sierra Leone to pay $1.75 million IMF debt on Christmas Eve

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 22 December 2014

    Take Action: Call on the IMF to cancel all the debt now The IMF is going back on a pledge made by the G20 to cancel debts of Ebola countries, after it demanded Sierra Leone repay $2.7 million last week. A further $1.75 million is to be paid by Sierra Leone to the IMF on [...]

  • Africa money in and out_Small

    Aid rules tightened, but still allow profit to be made from loans

    Tim Jones, 19 December 2014

    Western countries, through the OECD, have agreed new rules for themselves on when they are allowed to call loans ‘aid’. The new rules restrict the terms on which loans can be called aid, but still allow governments to make a profit from loans whilst including them in meeting aid targets. The UK government has not [...]

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    Commodities price fall signals rise in debt payments

    Tim Jones, 16 December 2014

    The fall in the price of commodities, led by oil, has led to large falls in the value of currencies in developing countries. Financial markets are betting on countries’ trade balances being much weaker because of lower income from exports due to the price falls. Most dramatically this has been the case in Russia, but [...]

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