EU demands Greece condemns judicial probe into whether its debt statistics were manipulated
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60,000 have signed @ALTEREU's petition against ex-EU President Barroso's revolving door move to Goldman Sachs
Behind Credit Suisse’s Soured Mozambique Deals (paywall)
Mozambique's Debt and Economy: Will Capital Gains Tax Plug the Hole?
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Since the global financial crisis of 2008, there has been a new boom in irresponsible lending to the developing world.

This lending boom is threatening to set a new debt trap for people in poverty around the world, particularly in Africa. Governments are unable to afford to pay off their debts and provide basic services like healthcare and education to their people.

Protected: Tell Credit Suisse and VTB to drop their secret loans to Mozambique

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  • No New Debt Trap – Write to Your MP

    Lending to the global South has TRIPLED since the financial crisis. With commodity prices falling and interest expected to rise, there’s a growing threat of a new debt trap.

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  • Election 2015: Let’s Make Tax Fair

    Corporate tax dodging is unfair: nearly everyone loses out when tax rules allow big companies to avoid paying their fair share. We need a Tax Dodging Bill to make tax fair and to raise funds to fight poverty in the UK and developing countries. 65,000 people have already signed. Join us: Find out more Check […]

  • Ebola: Drop the Debt

    Ebola has already claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people in West Africa. Health workers are fighting day and night to treat and contain it, at great personal risk. Many haven’t been paid for months. Yet millions of dollars are leaving Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in debt repayments. Please call on the IMF and World Bank to drop the debt for countries fighting Ebola now.

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  • No debt crisis from the UK aid budget

    History is repeating in the global economy. With interest rates low and investors hunting for returns, lending to the most impoverished countries has doubled since the crash. The previous era of irresponsible lending trapped countries in a spiral of debt from which it was impossible to escape. It set back the fight against global poverty […]

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  • Photo: mattbuck/Wikimedia

    Campaigners in Mozambique call for non-payment of hidden debts

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 13 June 2016

    A group of 26 organisations in Mozambique have asserted that the $1.86 billion of the country’s debts at the centre of a growing international controversy were contracted illegally and should not be paid. The campaigners make the claim about three state backed debts owed by MAM ($535 million), ProIndicus ($597 million) and Ematum ($726.5 million). […]

  • Photo: Rillke/Wikimedia

    Campaigners criticise Credit Suisse for helping to hide Mozambique loan

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 28 April 2016

    Over recent days it has come to light that Credit Suisse and VTB lent around $1.35 billion to Mozambique, but the government and the lenders hid this from any public oversight. The revelations have led the IMF to suspend bailout loans which were helping Mozambique pay its debt to external lenders. Credit Suisse is holding […]

  • debttrap-small

    Collapse in commodity prices leads to $61 billion funding gap for impoverished countries

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 11 April 2016

    Amount is $13 billion more than countries studied receive in aid each year Impoverished country governments could be up-to $61 billion worse off in 2016 as a result of the crash in global commodity prices and strengthening of the US dollar. This is reducing government revenue and increasing the relative size of debt payments in […]

  • Mozambique small

    Mozambique proposes ‘tuna’ bond restructuring

    Tim Jones, 21 March 2016

    Proposed terms will cut debt but increase interest rate, leaving Mozambique no better off, despite crash in commodity prices reducing ability to pay Mozambique is trying to restructure the terms of a bond it issued in 2013 to borrow $850 million, at 6.305% interest rate.* At the time the money was borrowed, it was said […]

  • Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development. Photo: Russell Watkins/DFID

    Budget 2016: Concern over switch of UK aid from grants to loans

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 16 March 2016

    Information hidden in budget announcements suggest UK government will be giving £3.8 billion of ‘aid’ money as loans in next four years

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