Alex Akomah: "When African politicians try to liberate us from French control, they are removed. Look at Sankara and Sekou Toure."
Alex Akomah: "In Ivory Coast and others we are enslaved by having a currency still controlled by France."
Esther Stanford: "Africa is a net creditor to the rest of the world. We need to educate people in what is happening"
Kofi Mawuli Klu: "In Ghana our people work so hard and we have such riches, but are betrayed by our government, and those who lend to them."
Kofi Mawuli Klu: "What can we do in Europe to help our people in Ghana get true independence and democracy?"
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Reports & Briefings

  • Jubilee economics: Biblical teaching and financial crisis

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 13 August 2014

    This booklet contains six bible studies for Christians and churches on faith and economics. The booklet can be used by discussion groups […]

  • Honest accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 15 July 2014

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, along with ten other organisations, including Health Poverty Action and the African Forum, has published research which reveals Africa […]

  • No TTIP: Stop the corporate carve-up

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 8 July 2014

    Jubilee Debt Campaign is part of the #noTTIP day of action this Saturday 12 July. Here we explain what the EU-US trade […]

  • The Austerity Machine and How To Stop It

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 17 February 2014

      Austerity policies aren’t new. They are part of a set of policies that have been imposed on countries around the world […]

  • Stop the Debt Vultures

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 20 January 2014

    The vulture threat They’re the financial speculators chasing obscene profits from debt crises around the world. Again and again – from Argentina […]

  • Vulture funds: Parliamentary briefing

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 2 December 2013

    Parliamentary briefing which sets out the case for why MPs should support Early Day Motion 666, calling on the UK government to: […]

  • Life and debt: Global studies of debt and resistance

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 8 October 2013

    Report investigating the impact of debt and austerity, and campaigns for justice, in Egypt, El Salvador, Greece, Jamaica, Latvia, Pakistan, the Philippines, […]

  • Unlocking the chains of debt: A call for debt relief for Pakistan

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 21 May 2013

    New government faces crisis as debt payments increase rapidly. Pakistan’s economy has been paralysed by an unpayable and largely unjust debt burden […]

  • Food, Debt and Power

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 5 May 2013

    There is easily enough food in the world to feed everyone. So why are 870 million people chronically hungry? Jubilee Debt Campaign’s […]

  • How Europe cancelled Germany’s debt

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 27 February 2013

    German debt cancellation shows equitable way to solve Europe’s crisis German, Irish, Spanish and British debt campaigners tell Troika: ‘learn from history’ […]

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