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Skill up! Stand up!

A free day of training for activists.

Artwork Rini Templeton

Artwork: Rini Templeton

Saturday 17 October, 10am-6pm
MERCi, Manchester M4 7HR

A full day of free skills workshops at a the fantastic sustainable MERCi centre in Manchester. Expect to choose from a wide range of workshops such as how to get local press coverage, using social media effectively, making an impact with a street stall, creative actions, strategies for influencing politicians, facilitating effective meetings and more. Places are limited, so book now!

Fantastic food will be provided by Manchester Real Junk Food project.

You can book a free place on the Eventbrite page. Places are limited and filling up fast, so you will need to book in advance as soon as possible!

This event has been organised by Economic Justice Project, War on Want, Global Justice Now, Jubilee Debt Campaign & People & Planet.

  • Stephen_Pennells

    Place already booked! MERCi is an inspiring venue and it will be a great time to build alliances as well.

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