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Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign

Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign meets most months to organise debt and economic justice campaigning in Birmingham. For details of our next meeting or to join our email list contact our secretary Alison Geary on [email protected]. You can also:

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Dear Friends,


14 March 2017 7pm – 9pm at BVSC, 138 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DR

May we invite you to this event kindly supported by Compass to launch five progressive principles developed over the last year by individuals and organisations in Birmingham including Jubilee Debt Campaign.With guests Zoe Williams (Guardian columnist) and Neal Lawson (Chair of Compass) For full details click on to:


7:30pm Wednesday 15th March 2017 at Selly Oak Methodist Church, B29 6HT 

A talk by Julia Edwards who is a mission partner with the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Methodist Church in Fiji.  She has been researching climate change in the Pacific and advocating for climate justice globally since 2010, working alongside communities as they relocate, and market vendors so badly impacted by Cyclone Winston, Julia has a wealth of stories and information to share.  You can get a flavour of Julia’s work by reading her latest newsletter from Fiji. JDC Birmingham wishes to support this event as part of our theme exploring ‘damage being done in other parts of the world which have direct links with Birmingham, as we’ve been encouraged by Nick Hurd MP, the Climate Change Minister.


On Wed May 10th at 6.30pm Ann Pettifor will speak on “A Moral Economy” at Carrs Lane Church Centre, B4 7SX. Ann was the Director of the original Jubilee 2000 campaign and in a previous book predicted the crash of 2008 two years before it happened! It will be good to go to the roots of JDC’s campaigning and then see how it needs adapting for the future.


A day conference is to be held in conjunction with the Methodist Tax Justice Network on Saturday July 15th in the Priory Rooms, Bull Street, B4 6AF. If you are interested in attending please email “Matthew Jones” [email protected].


A talk was given at the AGM on Jan 19th by the JDC Director, Sarah Clifton; notes about it are attached to this email. The following officers were elected: Co-ordinator John Nightingale; Co-Chairs Rachel Stephens, Ruth Tetlow and Alison Geary; Treasurer Judy Coulson.


We hope you are glad to get this newsletter, but please don’t hesitate to say if it’s just one thing too many and you would like to stop. We hope also that you are getting information direct from the national office; if you are not and would like to, or are and would like not to, then please contact them direct; their contact details are below.


Thanks to all who donated to JDC in early December. £10,000 was raised to which an additional £10,000 was added in matched funding.

NHS DEBT. JDC is joining a demonstration in London on Sat 4th March against debt in the National Health Service, particularly through the Private Finance Initiative.

AFRICAN DEBT. The government debts of sub-Saharan African countries are now rising again because they are affected by the increase in global interest rates and because the fall in commodity prices has lowered those countries’ export earnings. Amazingly, 90% of government debts in sub-Saharan Africa are owed under UK law. Some of the loans have been given in secret, preventing any scrutiny by parliament or the media in the country concerned. And when countries struggle to pay, loans can be bought up cheaply by culture funds, who can then sue in UK courts seeking a huge profit.

JDC is campaigning for a change in UK law so that all private loans to governments must be publicly disclosed, and vulture funds cannot hold countries to ransom in British courts. Please let me know if you would like postcards to give people to register their support for this campaign. And you can also sign up for a petition on

With best wishes,
John Nightingale
Co-ordinator JDC Birmingham

[email protected], 0121 458 6182

JDC National Office, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT. 020 7324 4722
[email protected]

Jubilee Debt Campaign is a company limited by guarantee, number 3201959
Jubilee Debt Campaign's registered charity number is 1055675