Mozambique has announced it cannot pay its private external debt. Our reaction: Debt is unpayable and UK must act
RT @rogerchisnall: Man next to me in Luton pub dunked his in his beer! My #FirstFiver is going to @dropthedebt for #debtjustice https://t.c…
Greece's Tsipras calls for debt relief by year end, warns delay could benefit far-right
Fathi Chamkhi (Tunisia): “Cancel all debts proven to be illegitimate by audit”
Freedom from Debt Coalition in the Philippines presses for audit of all public debts @fdc_ph
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Honest accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses

Jubilee Debt Campaign, along with ten other organisations, including Health Poverty Action and the African Forum, has published research which reveals Africa is losing $192 billion every year to the rest of the world – almost 6 and a half times the amount of ‘aid’ given back to the continent. This research is the first attempt to calculate Africa’s losses across a wide range of areas. These include: illicit financial flows; profits taken out of the continent by multinational companies; debt payments; brain drain of skilled workers; illegal logging and fishing and the costs incurred as a result of climate change.

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Read the 40-page report

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