133 developing countries propose new global debt rules to stop vulture funds
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Singer hires Albright’s firm to lobby in Argentina Every $ spent on PR war makes vulture model less attractive
Bond market body announces steps to tackle vulture funds Trying to head off wider changes to the global debt system
Developing countries look set to demand a new international convention on debt restructuring at the UN #vulturefunds
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The State of Debt

Thirty years of debt crisis have devastated livelihoods across the world. Debt cancellation finally released some countries from one debt trap, but the First World Debt Crisis shows yet again why reckless lending and borrowing need to be governed and controlled.

The First World Debt Crisis has led to government debts in impoverished countries increasing, and unregulated opaque private lending also risks increasing inequality and crisis. We need a new system for monitoring and regulating the way money moves across the world, so that finance works for people.

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Jubilee Debt Campaign's registered charity number is 1055675