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Standard Democratic Unionist Party response on Mozambique odious loans

If you have received a reply from a DUP MP, please forward it to our policy officer, Tim Jones at [email protected] Tim can then guide you in how to respond.

We have not seen any standard responses from DUP MPs. All DUP MPs who we have seen responses from have agreed to sign Early Day Motion 158.

Key point to make to DUP MPs:

Do they support 1) a regulation to ensure all loans to governments, given under UK law, are made public and 2) extending the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Act to ensure creditors cannot use UK law to ignore internationally agreed debt relief? If so, can they sign Early Day Motion 158? Please mention the motion was sponsored by DUP MP Jim Shannon, and has been signed by DUP Chief Whip Jeffrey Donaldson MP.

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