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Articles for default

  • Thin cut to debt leaves Grenada caught out

    Tim Jones, 21 April 2015

    Deal with private lenders will only reduce debt by 20%. Grenada has reached a deal with private bondholders to reduce debt owed […]

  • Six key points about Greece’s debt

    Tim Jones, 26 January 2015

    Greece’s election has delivered a clear rejection of Troika-imposed austerity and the EU’s approach to the crisis. Here are six key points […]

  • At least 90% of the Greek bailout has paid off reckless lenders

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 18 January 2015

    New analysis of IMF figures, released by the Jubilee Debt Campaign, show that almost all of the money lent by the IMF, […]

  • Lending boom threatens to create new debt crises

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 10 October 2014

    New figures released today predict that current rates of lending could lead to debts becoming unsustainable in many impoverished countries over the […]

  • British MPs support action to prevent vulture funds scavenging Argentina

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 4 June 2014

    “Debt trial of the century” could cause financial shockwaves Over 100 British Members of Parliament have signed a motion supporting action to […]

  • Blog from Grenada: Why the ‘Spice Isle’ has stopped paying its debts

    Tim Jones, 28 April 2014

    It’s 10:30 at night and I’m trying a short cut through the grounds of an upmarket hotel in Grenada to get to […]

  • Stop the Debt Vultures

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 20 January 2014

    The vulture threat They’re the financial speculators chasing obscene profits from debt crises around the world. Again and again – from Argentina […]

  • Grenada takes brave stand for debt justice

    Tim Jones, 15 October 2013

    The tiny Caribbean island of Grenada, population 100,000, has stopped paying its £560 million debt. On Saturday, as the IMF and World […]

  • Life before debt

    Maddy Evans, 10 October 2013

    The cost of austerity packages imposed in the name of paying debts in Europe has been high. In Portugal fees for health care have been imposed, costs for utilities have spiralled, and 60,000 teachers have been sacked. Latvia has lost 8% of its health care workers and 14% of its school staff. Greece has seen an increase in children fainting in school from malnutrition, the decimation of the health care system, and a 40% increase in suicides.

  • Vulture funds cause chaos over Argentine debt

    Tim Jones, 7 October 2013

    The US Supreme Court has today refused to hear Argentina’s appeal against vulture funds who are seeking a huge profit out of […]

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