As India's agrarian crisis grows, small-scale farmers from across the country rallied in New Delhi this week demand…
Plans to build climate-resilient homes in Antigua and Barbuda have stalled because the government doesn't have the…
RT @tim_jones6: Even with lowered growth forecasts from the @OBR_UK, remaining UK growth is still dependent on household debt increasing, f…
The Chancellor is not giving the full picture on UK debt. It should not be used to justify austerity measures:…
RT @sarahjclifton: The idea that UK public debt levels justify austerity is ideological and wrong. Of the G7 economies, only Germany has lo…
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Articles for economic justice

  • Skill up! Stand up!

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 4 September 2015

    A free day of training for activists. Saturday 17 October, 10am-6pm MERCi, Manchester M4 7HR A full day of free skills workshops […]

  • The Austerity Machine and How To Stop It

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 17 February 2014

      Austerity policies aren’t new. They are part of a set of policies that have been imposed on countries around the world […]

  • Economics is for all of us – Oxford, 27 September

    Maddy Evans, 28 June 2013

    A free day long workshop for activists and NGO staff in Oxford Oxford 27th September, all day Economics is complex and best […]

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