Our finances

Jubilee Debt Campaign is a registered charity. Over half of our funding comes from donations by committed, regular individual givers. If you can, please add your support with a monthly donation.

Our remaining funding comes from a mix of grants from charitable trusts and public bodies, and grants and membership fees from our affiliates.

In 2017, our income came from the following sources:

Our expenditure breakdown for 2017 was as follows:

Trusts and public bodies currently supporting our work are:

The ratio between the highest and lowest paid members of staff in 2017 was 1.3:1.

The mean gender pay gap in 2018 is 3% (men on average earned 3% more than women). The mean gender pay gap in 2017 was -1.5% (women on average earned 1.5% more than men).

Further details are available in our Annual Reports:

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