No More Climate Debt

Heavily indebted countries need debt relief, more than ever, when a climate disaster strikes. Demand debt relief for hurricane-hit islands.

Call for urgent debt relief when a climate disaster strikes.

With climate change, such devastating disasters are only likely to get worse.

Several countries in the Caribbean were devastated by hurricanes during 2017. Some of those countries were already heavily indebted, partly because of loans taken out to help with rebuilding efforts following previous disasters. In the event of environmental disaster, we call on all creditors, including the IMF and World Bank, to suspend debt payments. Debts must be reduced to a sustainable level, and assistance to rebuild must be provided as grants, not loans.

Campaign Resources

Briefing: Don't owe, shouldn't pay - the impact of climate change on debt in vulnerable countries (Nov 2018)
The debt storms of 2017: stories of injustice and fightback (Drop It! Magazine, winter 2017)