5 things you can do now

There are lots of ways to get involved in the campaign against debt as a weapon of control, starting now:

1. Take our latest action against debt injustice

Together our voices are powerful! Add yours to our latest campaign action.

2. Keep in touch with us via our e-news list and supporter magazine

Join our email list for the most important campaign news and action alerts, and sign-up to receive our free Drop It! magazine through the post (twice a year).

3. Support our work by donating

Individual donations keep us fighting for debt justice.

4. Affiliate your local group, faith congregation or trade union

Affiliated groups are a key part of our campaign.

5. Find out what is going on in your area

Check out our events and workshops or your local group. This year we are focusing on organising events which provide our supporters with opportunities to lean, connect and skill-up. Find out what is taking place near you.

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